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The internet is full of information just waiting to be discovered. Billions of websites to explore, millions of people looking for like-minded friends. And still, despite all the progress achieved, many of the things on offer go unseen.

We at Suggy want to create a service that offers more. A service that does not just scratch the surface, reacts to simple queries and reduces people to a few search terms. We want to provide our users with information that match their topics of interests precisely and bring them together with people that really share the same interests. The joy of exploration and communication, far removed from the hollow noise of today's life, is what we want to give back to our users.

Suggy identifies the interests of its users automatically. With the resulting amount of information comes big responsibility. Therefore we do not just go a long way to ensure that the data of our users are protected, we also want to provide complete transparency in our future development and all important events. The trust and safety of our users is our top priority.