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is Suggy?
does Suggy work?
use Suggy?
identifies your interests suggests new webpages for your interests connects you with people of your interests
You surf the
Suggy learns
automatically and identifies
your interests
Suggy suggests websites
and people to you -
matching your interests!
  • Find out what you are interested in on the Web
  • Discover new websites and cool people matching your interests
  • Discuss & share your interests and discoveries on the Web
Our principles
Suggy ([sʌgɪ], derived from "suggestion") adheres to the following principles:
Suggy unites functions known from networks, bookmarking sites and search engines. And yet it is none of the three and does not aim to supplant them.
Everyone should be able to use Suggy anonymously – an e-mail adress and a nickname are the only details needed to register. Registered users decide themselves if and by whom they want to be seen and found.
Safe & ad-free
All information processed by Suggy is used solely to identify the users' interests and suggest matching websites and people for them. This is its only purpose. The information is not processed for commercial purposes, nor is it passed on to third parties.
Register on suggy.com and show Suggy the things you like by just keeping on surfing.

When Suggy has identified your interests, you will receive a short notification by mail. You can then find the interest topics Suggy has identified for you on your personal Suggy page. With one click, you can now have new websites and people matching your personal interests suggested to you.
Keep surfing the Net
Websites & people are suggested
Data protection and privacy
Suggy identifies your interests through the websites you visit. No one has access to the information on the websites you have used (not even the Suggy admins), including protection against access by third parties. You can delete all your personal information you have made available to Suggy at any time.
Suggy offers you the following benefits:
  • Suggy suggests websites that match your individual interests
  • Suggy connects you with people of your interests
  • Suggy shows you websites that are usually lost among the results of classic search engines
  • Suggy allows you to explore new topics
  • Suggy suggests websites not according to how popular they are but what their content is